Humboldt Elementary School is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of security, warmth, and encouragement which will enhance the academic, career, and personal development of all students. Through our partnerships with students, parents, faculty, and members of the community we are committed to establishing a solid foundation for lifelong learning by preparing every Humboldt Elementary student with the skills necessary to achieve their personal goals. Through the personal development of individuality, creativity, and positive character development, we aim for all of our students to reach their highest level of success, now and for the future!

Mrs. Dent provides a comprehensive school counseling program, focusing on academic, personal/social and career development within a supportive, caring and nurturing environment, so that all children achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society.

The Humboldt Elementary counseling program strives to align with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model for Comprehensive School Counseling.

–Liz Dent, Humboldt Elementary Counselor